Upcoming Agenda

Next Meeting:

Monday 18th September 2017


Meetings are held in Oulton Institute Hall


  1. To record Members Present.
  2. To receive Apologies for Absence.
  3. To authorise the Chairman to sign the Minutes of the Previous Meeting as a true Record.
  4. To discuss Matters arising from the Minutes.
  5. To receive Report from County Councillor.
  6. To receive Report from District Councillor.
  7. To receive Report from WBJC Representatives.
  8. To discuss and action Correspondence received since the previous meeting.
  9. To discuss 2016/17 Audit report.
  10. To discuss dog fouling.
  11. To check Bank Statements.
  12. To consider Planning Applications and formulate comments to the planning authority in respect of the following cases:
    2/2017/0408 R.Young, Hollin Root. Barn Conversion.
    2/2017/0440 T.Lattimer, 1 Longthwaite Nook. Change of use agricultural building to residence and builders yard.
    2/2017/0406 K.Jarman, Siwell House. Holiday Cottage/Carport.
  13. Accounts for Payment
    B.D.O. (2016/17 Audit fee)                      £ 156.00
    M.D.McCabe (Computer Ink)                £   44.96
  14. Date and Time of Next Meeting. The next meeting was provisionally arranged for Monday 11th December 2017 at 7.30 p.m.